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Hi All! Those of you who frequent #AfterNET or #GeekTown know me, but as I have been around a long time, maybe you don't know everything :)


I joined AfterNET at the beginning, when it was created from the remains of an IRC network called TheNET, back in 1996. TheNet had been run by some folks who were neglecting the network, and refused to allow the rest of us who wanted to build it better, the tools to do so. So most of the servers split to form AfterNET. There were 4 or 5 of us back then (I used to run the IRC server named Agora), but I am the only one still involved.

I got involved in everything from writing services, and modifying the ircd software, to being a sort of mediator and level head in discussions. Eventually became the unspoken leader of AfterNET, and then during the 2nd great admin war, I took control officially to save the network. Since that time I act as a sort of benevolent dictator of AfterNET, though almost everything these days is decided by discussion and voting by the IRC Ops and administrators.

Today I run a lot of AfterNET's services including X3, and have done quite a bit of work on the server software. I also have a hand in many of the bots that use the network.


I have always tried to be a good steward of the network, from managing donations, to handling complaints. I act as owner to the channels #help, #afternet, and #geektown. Most email (contact) is read directly by me, and I make an effort to try and solve conflicts whenever possible. If you have a problem, please feel free to drop me a line – I can't guarantee I can do anything about it officially (like gline someone for you), but I am a good listener, and I have been on IRC for over 10 years – I may have some insight.

Due to AfterNET's history, I have made it one of my main goals to give anyone who is interested in building the network the access to be able to do so. From contributing to this website, coding, making policies.. If you would like to help out, let me know and I'll do what I can to get you what you need to do so.



You do not need to ask me if its ok to send me a private message. If what you have to say is private, or needs to be handled discretely then use a private message. If you are just wanting to chat, and we share a channel where that chat would be acceptable, please do so there.

"Dieing" Network Claims

AfterNET is over 10 years old, having started in 1996. Since the first year, every so often a regular user of the network who is disillusioned with how something is going, will claim the network is “dieing” or going to pot, or in decline etc. This has never been true, and probably isn't still today. Some people come new every day, some old people leave every day. This is the nature of IRC. If you have issues with policies, or are upset with the way things are going, we are all ears– lets have a reasoned discussion about it, but claiming the network is “dieing” because you didn't get your way or someone you like is gone, is just silly.


In my role as owner of channel #AfterNET, I am frequently confronted with personality conflicts between channel members. With any channel so large, its inevitable. As such, I often find myself trying to explain to one side or the other (or both) why I cannot just ban the other, and that they should use their ignore feature instead.

The basic problem is that with 80+ people there will always be conflicts. If i were to ban everyone who a few people don't like, it would result in a ban on almost every single person, because for almost everyone, there is someone who doesn't get along with them. This is incompatable with #afternet's mission as a common area for everyone. So, feel free to ban people you don't like in other channels, but in #afternet we try (to a point) to be inclusive and not ban people unless its required. Use your ignore function.. its built into authserv now so its way easy, /msg authserv help addignore


Some IRC related projects I have worked on:

I also use/have used, but have not submitted code to: