zeus :



In Greek mythology, Zeus is the highest ranked god for he was the ruler of all natural things. The weather, thunder, lightning, sky, rain, Mount Olympus, and every god and goddess was ruled by Zeus. To get to be the ruler of all these things Zeus overthrew his father Cronus and the other Titans with the help of his brothers. After doing so, Zeus and his brothers, Hades and Poseidon, divided the Universe. Poseidon got the sea, Hades the Underworld, and Zeus the heavens. The heavens was a great and powerful place. Because Zeus became the supreme ruler, he is represented as a god of law, justice, and morals. This made Zeus a spiritual leader to gods and human beings. Zeus's weapon is the thunderbolt which he uses against everyone who displeases him. “The king of the gods” is what makes the sun come and go. Without Zeus the sun or the moon would be out all the time.

source: http://www.nuuanu.k12.hi.us/G-1/public_html/websites/chelsea/pages/zeus.html

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