the world of springs

Who am I?

mebw08dir.jpgI've been traveling around IRC under various pseudonyms since 1998, but I've been 'springs' now for about 5 years or so. Springs is actually a shortened version of my original nick springsrain - so if someone refers to me as 'rainy' then you know why :-)

Outside of IRC I am a visual artist and part-time freelance web designer; which keep me pretty busy. If I'm not around I working on a painting or a web page. I also have several mini projects I work on, including making Google Gadgets and learning about Linux. Click on the links to learn more:

I also have a BA in Anthropology; which I mention because people seem to find this very out-of-the ordinary :?:

Like's & Dislike's

  • I like Horror/SciFi movies, reading fiction and nonfiction, hiking, photography, pottery, FPS Games, and the Legend of Zelda on any console LOL
  • I dislike politics, war, bigotry, music groups that can't write their own songs, and calamari

On AfterNet

  • I'm the former owner or Founder of #thevillage and #beta
  • I do sometimes lurk in other rooms, but rarely

Off AfterNet

What else?

  • I'm married - to dis :-) who you can find in #thevillage too. We met in an IRC channel back in 2001 and though we were an ocean apart we fell in and love and now live in the UK.
  • I have a wonderful 10 year old daughter from a previous marriage, who is growing up much too fast!
  • An update - dis and I have decided to live in the USA. I'm currently in the states working on his Greencard. We hope to be reunited by Christmas '08.