The Maddened Man is a musician, currently paying his bills with a clerical job. He was introduced to AfterNet by his school friend, PlacidBox.

You can find him in a range of channels, for examplé:

  • #AfterNet - w00t; teh beginnar
  • #Regulars - Maddened Man wrote the page for this:
  • #Gasm1) - It's a channel started by a fad which Maddened and Gnomin began, back in the day
  • #Australia - Maddened Man's Australian. It makes sense that he would chat here.
  • #GameDev - Maddened Man pretty much just idles here. Don't tell them that though...
  • #Movies - It's just starting out.
  • #NickDanger - Actually, I haven't seen hud online in a while, even in his own channel.

MaddenedGasm is King of the Gasms.

You can visit his web site at:

El Loco Strikes Once More, with the Metal Fist of Fury.


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