#TheGame|small=0 Hi my name is Rob, I go by “Salvia” in IRC

People online, whether it be a forum, Instant Messenger, or IRC, whatever it is, tend to rant on about all the bad things that they don't like about people, or the people they don't like. Well, I have decided to do just the opposite, and talk about the good things of the people I do like, the ones that I have really gotten to know throughout my time on AfterNET.org

Panda_Baby, You have been there for me alot lately, and it means so much to me. I'm happy that you took me into your home, and I could never love you any more than I do right now.

fc25, Man you are one of the very first people I've met on this server, and you've prolly kept me out of trouble more than anyone, you got a great sense of music, and taste on many other things, even if you do always get at me about the difference between “ass” and “arse”, rawr!
Update: Congrats on becoming ircop, I can only imagine how psyched you must be.

JayAre, I don't know your past, I don't know what peoples beef with you is, but I know you're a good person, don't let ignorant fools get to you. =)

Mafia, dude, you changed my topics so many times when i had #CyberSex under my management, dude, so I got one word... – Fuck –

GnominClature & VB, glad I finally got to (attempt to) prank call you. I hope to be doing business with you very soon, I wish the best for you and VB, you guys have been awesome. And I can tell that you really have feelings for eachother.
Update: Congrats on getting married! Obviously from what I wrote before, I foreseen this day's coming; and now it has, and I could not be happier for you guys. I wish you guys a great and happy marriage.
DCraig, thx for all the help that you've given me, and being so patient when I did not understand something. And that goes not just for you but to all the IRCops.

Grody, In America, Grody would mean vial, disgusting, revolting... But you my friend, are quite the opposite, and always a pleasure to talk to.

Diamond126, you are probably one of the smartest people I've met, I mean who else could score so high on Trivia in a matter of seconds w/o the big G, you got some mad skills, keep it up, and I hope to see you some day on v8d trivia (I'm gettin the bot's bugs worked out and fixing the highscores page on the web).

KittyKat, One day you're going to learn to turn ur AutoJoin-On-Invite off... tsk tsk =D

ThunderWolf, You've brightened up alot of my days with some funny ass videos, and piccies, keep em' comin man.
~btw~ If you could grab the link to that one about Ron Jeromy's penis killing everyon, that would be awesome.. =D

WulfMan, Haven't gotten to know ya all that well man, but your a great person. Keep up the good work with Afternet.

PearseTOC, You've boosted my confidence quite a bit, prolly without even knowing it, I came onto this server, and you made me feel welcome giving me peon, I'm glad that you have enough trust in me that you were able to give me Op's in #Afternet, it means quite a bit to me. I hope that you can make everyone else feel just as welcome, keep up the good work.


Cyclonis, keep listenin to the rockin tunes man! =)

Sexxyman, you were probably one of the first people I met on this server, you're a great guy, and I hope everybody shows you the same respect that you have shown me.

Angelina, I hope every thing goes well for you, you're one of the many great people in this world. I've vented quite a bit with you, you actually put up with it =P, thx for bein there.

SmallR2002, You've taught me alot about IRC, and being an operator than i ever actually knew b4 I met you. Although I probably wouldn't have openly admitted this b4, I am now... Dude, alot of things you told me went right over my head, I had to Google till my fingers bled, but, all in all, I almost always got what you were talkin about. Good luck with your service bots, I seen there were quite a few things you needed to work on, and I hope all goes well. I hope to see great things from v8d one day.

Rubin, I thank you very much for building a great network, where i have met alot of great people. It's been great being here. =D
Update: ps - It's kinda cool how you are like a ghost, that just pops in and argues a point with someone and then disappears again.

Beta, You are the first person I've talked to on this server, and I'm glad that those annoying quirks I have about myself that annoy people, I'm glad you still put up with it and keep me off ignore... Otherwise who else would I blame when www.BetaRecords.com fucks up my account? hehe. you really should click that link, its not “spammy” at all, You might like my music, www.BetaRecords.com/TechTech.Nation

choirboy, have fun with those Chinese Mags, and that bottle of lube... ;)

Clk12, man I know somewhere in that black abyss that we call your programing, there has to be some good... Keep trying to find it.

If I have left anyone out, I'm sorry, just please let me know b4 I goto Jail, and I'll put you up there. =D

  • I Just Thought This Was Funny
(Sprite): boiled egg?
(Sprite): im a spack cook
(LoneGun): sprite just do in microwave for like 2 mins

(Sprite): on it's own lonegun ?

(LoneGun): aye sprite
(Ched): 2 mins
(Ched): for 650 watt microwave

(Sprite): so a egg, in a bowl, on it's own for 2 mins in a microwave ?
(Sprite): n1 im off to cook
(Sprite): k guys

Cut for Space & NOT Very Interesting.

(Sprite): u guys are cocks
(Sprite): the egg just blow up