ForestChav aka FC, FC26, etc.

Weirdly I has teh power. >.>

Token English not-a-chav chav, not really much to say here... other than I AM NOT A CHAV!

Apparently I'm a Windows fanboy too. Which wouldn't be too bad if it was true. And Windows is OK anyway :S As is Linux so I don't care :)

OS fanboys equals:


Usually hang around in #afternet, #cybercafe and #smithy but I'm actually in several other channels as well :o. Watch out for the chavy kid bot clk13!

No questions are stupid... only answers, but there is usually help and google - USE IT!

Unless I know you as a regular in a channel, please do not message me without asking in the channel first. It's a good way to annoy me into banning your arse. Especially if I'm not talking and/or have /away set. Surely it's good manners to ask! Obviously some things are too private to say in a channel and I appreciate that.

My annoying bots (phrase copyright Rubin 2009):

clk13 smithy|PARAMS

choirboy smithy|PARAMS

choirgirl smithy|PARAMS

Bot smithy|PARAMS

X69 smithy|PARAMS

Please ask if you want any of them in your channel. If you want a chat just join one of the channels I'm in (/whois fc26 usually works!) and poke me if I'm around :D

And finally, some more funny stuff I've found >.<


6r6fxf.jpg qyx36e.jpg



smc429.jpg 2sagzle.jpg