How to Register Your Channel

X3 is the channel service bot we use on AfterNET. A channel service is a special computer generated user called a bot, which joins your channel and stays in it all the time. It recognizes you, and will give out ops and generally help you manage the channel.

To register a channel with X3, you must be logged into AuthServ first. If you are not logged in, do:

/msg authserv auth username password

(If you don't already have an account, you can create one here.)

Once you are logged in, ask X3 to register your channel using the REGISTER command:

/msg X3 register #mychannel

All channels on IRC begin with # (number/hash).

Type '/msg X3 help' for more help using X3 to manage your channel.

If you get stuck, or have questions, please see a staff member in #help or #afternet.