Extended Bans

AfterNET supports “Extended bans” which allow extra features besides blocking on nick, username, and host. Extended bans are identified by a '~' before them. Example: '~a:rubin' would ban the user whose account name is rubin.

Most can accept globs (* wildcard matching) as well.


  • ~a:<account> - Ban by AuthServ account


  • ~c:<#channel> - Ban users who are in another channel

Shared bans

  • ~j:<#channel> - Pulls the ban list from another channel.


  • ~r:<realname> - bans by the 'real name' field (from whois)


Mark's can be seen in /whois, and are set by the administrators on things such as TOR.

  • ~m:<mark> - Bans a user with the given mark
  • ~M:<mark> - Bans a user with the given mark UNLESS they are logged in


  • ~q:<mask> - Makes anyone matching the mask unable to speak in the channel