AfterNET ZNC Bouncer

Please Note: The AfterNET ZNC service will be discontinued on April 30th 2022. We apologize for the inconvenience. Any users currently configured to use our ZNC to connect to AfterNET will need to take action before then in order to avoid disconnection.


  • Host ZNC (or similar) yourself: If you have a host that is always connected to the internet (such as a cloud VPC) you can host ZNC yourself. See There are also other bouncers you might consider, such as
  • Switch to connecting directly: You can reconfigure your IRC client(s) to use directly instead of to stop using ZNC but still connect to AfterNET.
  • Pay for a service: offers a similar service for $5 a month which works well.
  • Switch to Matrix: Matrix is a modern IRC replacement similar to discord, slack, etc, but open and federated. In addition, we operate an IRC ↔ Matrix bridge so you can participate in AfterNET IRC via matrix clients! Because the matrix protocol was designed for the modern era, it does not require a bouncer to maintain a connection.