AfterNET ZNC Bouncer

An IRC Bouncer is a tool you can do to enhance your IRC experience in 3 main ways:

  • Hide your real connect/disconnects so users on IRC don't see them. Great if your home internet is flakey
  • Allows multiple IRC Clients to connect to IRC via the same single nickname and see eachothers activity (For if you use multiple computers/devices)
  • Stores a bit of the scroll buffer and plays it back when you reconnect later, so you don't miss context while you are gone

Every registered user of afternet automatically has access to our ZNC bouncer. ZNC, like the older BNC or irssi-proxy tools, lets you stay connected to IRC even when you are disconnected from the internet. You can also connect to IRC multiple times (from different computers, say) at once with only a single nick on IRC. Each end is relayed messages automatically. Further, you can see a backlog of chat in your channels when you connect so you don't miss out.

To use our ZNC, first get login-on-connect working. Then simply change from host '' to host ''. You can interact with the bouncer by going to or sending a private message to the bot named *status when you are connected. Try /msg *status help to get started.