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-homepage+====== Ray's Page ====== 
 +{{http://www.mattwillett.co.uk/images/MatthewWillett.jpg|ME}}{{status>rayvtirx|mattwillett|small}}\\ [[http://www.mattwillett.co.uk|My Homepage]]\\ \\  
 + My names not rayvtirx, or ray. :-D \\  
 +The name came out of a password generator when i needed a username for some site or another, and i have used it ever since\\  
 +I have 2 channels registered on undernet - [[irc://irc.afternet.org/mattwillett|#mattwillett]] & [[irc://irc.afternet.org/dogfight|#dogfight]] \\  
 +[[irc://irc.afternet.org/mattwillett|#mattwillett]] is my personal channel, and [[irc://irc.afternet.org/dogfight|#dogfight]] is  the chatroom for [[http://www.airfixdogfighter.co.uk|www.airfixdogfighter.co.uk]] ,  
 +ive been known to pop into [[irc://irc.afternet.org/afternet|#afternet]] on rare occasions , normally to ask a dumb question, and randomly browse other channels for signs of life 
 +if your bored pop into [[irc://irc.afternet.org/mattwillett|#mattwillett]] and say hi \\  
 +Hope to see you around :-) \\ 
- +\\   
-{{status>rayvtirx|#dogfight|PARAMS}}+ //[[rayvtirx@yahoo.co.uk|rayvtirx]] 2011/01/17 11:07//