AfterNET Status Graphic

You can put a graphic on your website that shows your status on the network as either offline, online, or away.

Your Own Website

To put the image on your own website, paste our example html code into your page, replacing the YOURACCOUNTNAMEHERE string with your actual account name, and YOURCHANNEL with a channel you frequent not including the # (pound) sign:

<a href="
  <img border=0 src="">

Your AfterNET User Page

Every user on AfterNET has a user page (/users/youraccountname) they can edit. If you want to put your status on this page, you can simply put


where it says PARAMS, you can leave it empty, or put any of the words: “right”, “left”, or “small” to change the graphic. Replace YOURACCOUNTNAMEHERE and YOURCHANNEL with your (lowercase!) account name and a channel name people will be linked to if they click the image.