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   /mode #chan -l    /mode #chan -l 
-==== L - hide modes ==== +==== L - Join redirect denial ==== 
-Setting +L stops the channels modes from showing in the /list.+By setting "+L #differentchannelname" any joins to your channel will instead be redirected to #differentchannelname. This is handy if you are changing the name of a channel or shutting a channel down. Users can set UMODE +L to prevent the redirect.
 ==== m - Moderated ==== ==== m - Moderated ====
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 To set yourself invisible To set yourself invisible
   /mode yournick +i   /mode yournick +i
 +==== L - Join redirect denial ====
 +It is possible to set up a channel such that joins to that channel actually redirect to a different channel.
 +Having usermode +L set will prevent that, so that you join only the original channel name you asked for.
 ==== R - Ignore PMs from unregistered users ==== ==== R - Ignore PMs from unregistered users ====