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Search X3 Help System

Search X3 Help module :
 Hello there!                           
 I'm X3, your handy channel services bot.
 Please select the area you would like  
 help with from the list below. The     
 help system uses the format:          
   /MSG X3 HELP <subject>       
 (In help, words in <> represent required
 parameters. Words in [] are optional.)
 For example: /msg X3 HELP UBM      
 shows help with the Un-Ban Me command.   
 GENERAL  - How to get and communicate with X3  
 USER     - Commands to add and remove
            bans, ops and managers from 
            your channel.
 CHANNEL  - Other channel related info
            like setting permanent modes
            and topic.
 INFORMATION - Informative commands.
 OPER     - Commands for IRC Operators.

Also see /MSG AuthServ HELP for getting
and maintaining your user account.